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Taking Care of Indoor Bonsai Plants

Growing miniature indoor bonsai plants take a lot careful garden management. Learn more about how to take care of indoor bonsai plants but first what are the primary needs of indoor bonsai plants?


Although, indoor bonsai plants are placed indoors, one of their primary needs are strong light. Now since they are placed indoors it is essential that we place bonsai plants outside the house under the sun to provide these bonsai plants regular dose of strong light from the sun.


Sun as need for bonsai plants

Most bonsai plants are tropical plants which needs strong light and warm atmosphere. Even if you put bonsai plants near the window, still it would not be enough to satisfy a bonsai’s need for sunlight. Trees or other woody plants rely on sunlight to keep their leaves, flowers or fruits healthy and green.  To provide more light for indoor bonsai plants you can place it under fluorescent light. Not all bonsai plants though want extensive lights placed above it.


One of the most difficult parts of taking care of indoor bonsai plants is the task of watering it. The hardest part is not about carrying water and pouring it on the bonsai plant. The hardest part is when to water the plant and how much. Watering outdoor plants seem easy since outdoor plants easily dry out in the outdoors and so they need water every day. Indoor bonsai plants however are placed in unnatural environment with an unnatural temperature. It is not advisable to water indoor bonsai plants as often as watering outdoor plants. Bonsai plants just like other plants only need water when necessary and should only be given enough water not too much. There are many ways on how to check whether the indoor bonsai plant needs water. Of course, check its soil if it’s dry or moist. If it is moist then you do not have to water the bonsai plant.

Watering Can

Indoor plants are in unnatural environment, please keep that in mind when watering them


You can also fertilize your bonsai plant and make sure to follow the fertilizer’s instruction to avoid harming the bonsai plant. Most ordinary people think that they are incapable of taking care of an indoor bonsai plant. Indoor bonsai plants are also quite expensive that they refuse to take a risk in buying one and letting it die afterwards. However, taking a care a bonsai plant is just like taking care of a pet hamster. It is our duty as the owner of a bonsai plant to research about indoor bonsai plants and learn more about how to take care of them. Aside from providing these plants their basic needs, it our duty to put in more passion in taking care of bonsai plants and reap the benefits of haviong a beautiful, herbal, and useful bonsai plant on our table top.



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    December 15, 2011

    I will love to receive more information about how to treat a bosie. I just bought two of them( fokien tea )and I really want to see them grow green and healthy . Thanks for the tips..

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