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Brussel’s Jade in Water Pot Bonsai

The Brussel’s Jade is also called a “dwarf jade”. This is one of the most practical bonsai plants to buy if you are to start growing bonsai in your place or at home. Most people recommend this product for people who are still wanting to learn how to grow a bonsai.

There are various reasons why Brussel’s Jade in Water Pot Bonsai is the best bonsai to buy for most people. Dwarf Jade is known for its flexibility. It has the ability to adapt to different climate change and atmosphere.

It is described as a tree that has fleshy leaves that blend cool shades of pale grey, blue and dark green. This particular dwarf jade is three years old and six to eight inches tall and is placed on a glazed water pot similar to the pot in the picture above.
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When you get the package, it will include further instructions as to how to take care of this particular type of  bonsai which is quite similar to how we usually take care of bonsai trees although this bonsai tree is the easiest to maintain. This is one other reason why this bonsai tree is suited for those who are about to learn how to grow bonsai.

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