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Automatic Plant Watering

Automatic Plant Watering

Oasis Plant Garden Automatic Drip System - automatic plant watering system

Oasis Plant Garden Automatic Drip System

Automatic Plant Watering systems were made to automatically water plants without having to manually do it yourself. Another main purpose of an automatic plant watering system is to make sure that plants are regularly watered at an exact interval with an exact amount of water everyday while you can go on a vacation.

There are many types of automatic plant watering. I did my own research and have found hundreds of different types of automatic plant watering systems. Some of them are powered by electricity while others need to be connected to a faucet. I searched for other automatic plant watering systems that won’t leave any of my power outlet on or any of my faucet open since I have a phobia with water and electricity left on or I just don’t like both elements working together while I’m away so I have to find a safer automatic plant watering systems.

Most automatic plant watering systems are not that accurate. Some are difficult to adjust or does not have a lot of options. I would go home and find that my plants are all dead or some people will find their house flooded because automatic plant watering systems can malfunction when unsupervised.

There is one recommended automatic plant watering system today. I figured I could trust this machine since it is highly-awarded by many different organizations. The Oasis Plant Garden Automatic Drip System received top honors at the 2007 National Hardware Show and was recognized as the Product of the Year by Hardware Retailing Magazine.

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What is an Oasis Plant Garden Automatic Drip System?

The Oasis Plant Garden Automatic Drip System is an automatic plant watering system because of the following reasons:

  1. battery-powered – this means that there are no power outlet left on and this will also save electricity.
  2. no opened faucet – this system does not leave a faucet open, but instead it uses a distribution tank that has a capacity of 6.6 gallons of water.
  3. options – you can adjust its watering programs with four options that is 10, 20, 30 and 40 days watering 20 plants utmost while you are not at home.
  4. built-in electronic timer

The Oasis Plant Garden includes the following when bought:

  1. distribution system
  2. 20 drippers
  3. 33-foot circuit hose
  4. 20 fixing stakes

This automatic plant watering system is easy to install. It also very easy to clean and to keep in any cabinets inside your house. It is made of durable materials. Most customers have been using it for 5 years and still working.

If you have plants at home, but has to leave home for some weeks; you can use this product to make sure that your plants are well-taken cared of.

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