Bonsai Soil Bag

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  • Top professional bonsai soil
  • 10 lb. bag

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Bonsai enthusiasts, who enjoy the fine art of bonsai, are fully aware of the very special qualities this special and professional Bonsail soil delivers. Its unique qualities help provide free circulation of air and water to the root systems, while significantly improving soil quality. This genuine bonsai soil is produced through the special treatment, which includes temperatures of 2000 degrees F and higher. This process ensures the soil to be sterile and environmentally inert. This is a natural non-toxic, and highly absorbent granulate with a neutral PH value. It is reliable and stable, and at the same time it will not degrade like other similar products. You don’t have to re-applied it year after year. This outstanding bonsai soil is approximately 1/4 water, 1/4 air and 1/2 solid matter. Yet, when soil is compacted, an imbalance appears. Solid elements are pressed together, and all water and air are then squeezed out. With no pore space, soil becomes too dense for the movement caused by the air, water and all nutrients, including the favorable environment for the positive microbial activity, which is necessary for a healthy growing plant. This professional bonsai soil absorbs all water during rain or watering, then while slowly releasing this extra water as the soil dries.

  • Use it as a blend with your own soil mix or by itself
  • Top professional bonsai soil
  • 10 lb. bag












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